After you are a parent for a few years you  realize you will never be able to adequately thank your parents for the things they have done for you in your life.  But I thought I would make one feeble attempt…


Thanks mom and dad for 2,190 baths

Thanks for a youth that went by much too fast

Thanks for 62,983 hugs and still counting

Thanks for the credit card bills that were forever mounting

Thanks for cleaning up things you’d rather not remember

Thanks for those long summer days when you didn’t shout. “When the hell is September?”


For a misspent youth that you did not question

And all the times you brought me out of my depression

Forever the questions rang down from one little guy

And you always answered them, even “Why?”

For being strong when we were weak

And trying not to let tears leak


At times I’m sure your confidence would waiver

But to me, you were always the savior

At times I’d try to play you off each other

Like “Go ask your father” “Go ask you mother”

And now I realize any game or deception

Probably hurt you from the moment of inception


Now I have my own little brood under my care

You must be smiling as if in answer to a prayer

The love for your grandchildren must be quite strong

And by now you realize my thank you list is quite long

To describe the dichotomy between parental work and love

Can’t be explained by the simple poem dictated above


It will be treasured in this bond we now share

Striving as parents to always be there

You taught me the skills of the trade without my knowing

Your example was invaluable, and it is still glowing

I may never live up to the precedent you set

But your love, compassion, and warmth are what guides me yet