With all the hype surrounding the release of Disney’s new version of The Lion King, I am reminded of when our second son was little. While he was a sweet kid with an engaging smile, he could get quite persnickety particularly on long drives. And by long drives I am talking about the seven minutes it takes to get from our house to Safeway.


Initially it was quite a concern as we tried to envision our life with this child sans car rides. Without the benefit of a live-in-babysitter we did not see how this was feasible. There were daily errands that could not be curtailed until both of us were home. Besides, this was our house and we were in charge. Just kidding, the kids were in charge. They knew it and we knew it!




There was one remedy, and really only one that we found to alleviate our fussy child and return the car to some semblance of calm. “Nants ingonyama bagithi Baba. Sithi uhm ingonyama.” Sound familiar? Well that, according to theOfficial Lion King Website, is the opening Zulu chant from “Circle of Life.”


From that initial verse he could go from cantankerous to placid and smiling in the blink of a lion cub’s eye. It was quite a remarkable transformation; one we never lost our awe and appreciation for.




This Elton John-Tim Rice composition was not a universal cure by any means. None of our other sons found it the least bit soothing. For one of our other boys, a comforting video served as the proper salve to calm him after he had reached that point of no return. Sesame Street’s 25th Anniversary DVD typically did the trick.


The point is you need to try to find your child’s Lion King. What will calm your fussy child during those times when your words begin to sound like the adults on a Peanuts cartoon, “Wah wah, wah wah wah?” Perhaps a favorite chew toy, the puppy, the puppy’s chew toy! Whatever works because once the tantrum hits, your options become very limited and time is of the essence. And sometimes they can hit without warning. My wife called it “baby mood swings” and they are intense and unpredictable.