In this blog I will attempt to show you how you can have actual fun with your kids. I know that might sound like an oxymoron (who you calling a moron?) but it can be done. Think of it this way, your children are young, malleable beings and, given the proper circumstances and environment, you can ply them to your will. I am not referring to bank robbery or other nefarious deeds, but I think some examples will best illustrate my point.


With my third son, when he was three years old and music was playing, I would only ask him who was singing if it was The Beatles. He knew it and I knew it. So, on countless occasions, when others were present and a Beatles tune was playing, I would ask “Who’s this?” and he would proudly answer, “The Beatles.” The responses ranged from “Wow, he really knows his music!” to “My kids don’t even know who they are.” It was our inside joke and he enjoyed it just as much as I did.




Sometimes your children can be utilized to diffuse a tense situation. I remember we were all flying to Michigan for our nephew’s wedding and my four sons ranged in age from eleven to two. We arrived at the airport, but just barely! SFO was packed with people and there was a two-hour flight delay on our departure.


As we arrived at the gate and sat on the ground because there were no seats, all four boys decided to meltdown at the same time. There were tears, yelling, hitting and general dissonance. Passengers all around us stared in horror. I said in a fairly loud voice, “Do you know what all these people are thinking?” Thankfully this had the proper effect as all four boys stopped the brawling and looked at me expectantly. I said, “They are all hoping that we are sitting near them on the plane!” The boys didn’t really understand, but all the fellow passengers laughed, albeit nervously.


Your children can also serve a useful purpose when the situation warrants. For example, long bathroom lines at the ballgame? Just grab a child (but daddy I don’t need to go!) and pick a kindly looking individual and voila, you are back in your seats before the inning ends.




Lastly, for those simple tasks you are too lazy to do, who better than your own kin? I’ll bet you can’t bring daddy the remote. That bag of chips is probably too heavy for you to bring over here, I’ll go get them. Who wants to help dad light the grill? That last one might be a bad example, but you get the idea.


To review, these are just a few of the ways to have actual fun with your kids. Sometimes it is just about your perspective on the situation and how you can manipulate it to your advantage. No one gets hurt or is even the wiser, but it can bring you some joy during your Dadlands journey.