Father of Four


That’s right, I have four sons. Before they were born, I began keeping this journal, Dadlands. I was not sure of its purpose except to help me keep my sanity through the chaos. 

There was a time I thought I would submit it to publishers as a book, but in the end I decided a blog would be a good outlet for my musings. That’s me on the right, I’m 37 years old. Just kidding! But Dadlands does age you. My oldest son today is 25 and my youngest is 16 so some of these recollections go back a few years. Rest assured the memories are very, very vivid!

I share them with you now to prepare new-recent dads for what’s to come. It’s not always pretty, it’s never orderly, it very rarely follows the plan you devised, and it will leave you feeling spent. Now for the bad news, you will look back on this time with your children as the most amazing journey of your life. You just have to survive the first 18 years so you can look back!

Alex Petrilli, Jr.