The title of this blog may sound like a Chanel perfume advertisement, but it is not. I came home from work the other night to find my three year old son eating pasta at the dinner table wearing a big smile, and nothing else. I told my wife “I cannot eat under these conditions.” As she explained the situation, it had been a very warm day and they had been playing in the sprinklers. So when it came time to eat dinner, he took off his wet clothes and went to eat. Makes perfect sense, if the capital of your country is Mozambique!


My three-year-old has also just mastered potty training. This means once he announces to the entire room he has to go potty, his pants and underpants instantly descend to his ankles – long before he approaches the bathroom. Then he proceeds to the toilet displaying his buttocks for all to see.




Very often my boys will come and wave goodbye to me from the living room window when I walk to the bus in the morning. At least once a week they come to the window buck naked, simply because my leaving has coincided with the midway point between pajamas and day clothes.


They stand at the front window, with the sun streaming into the house, waving wildly as I walk up the street. Totally uninhibited! My elderly neighbor, on the other hand, is quite hibited by this display!


One of my sons feels that whenever he goes #2 this is a perfect opportunity for us all to join him in a game of “Guess Which Aminal I Am?” We try to explain that we have better things to do than watch him sit on the toilet, but he can’t seem to imagine what that would be.




There is something truly magical about this age and the way they are so at ease with their bodies. The purpose of clothes is solely for warmth and protection, and when you think about it, they have a point. The innocence at the preschool stage is so fleeting. I will be sad when it ends.


In a sense I miss it already and it has not even left. Soon enough they will learn not to walk around naked, don’t share a meal in the buff (that will not be a total loss), and most importantly, wait until you close the bathroom door before you drop your drawers.


I guess these are all valuable lessons, but the purity of heart that comes with a naked child eating pasta, as unappetizing as it may be, is an incredible sight to behold. Excuse me one moment, “Son, close the bathroom door please. Thank you.”

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