Maybe, just maybe, you are not ready for a commitment to Dadlands. If it is not too late, you need to seriously evaluate your priorities before you enroll in parenthood because, trust me, it is a lifelong endeavor. So, here are six reasons why you might not be ready for fatherhood…


  1. If golf is your link to the good life and you can’t imagine Saturday’s without your 7:30am tee time, then have a good round.
  2. If tennis makes your heart strings, and nothing interferes with your Sunday afternoon best out of three sets, maybe you should wait a little bit.
  3. If pets are your walk-in life, then live happily ever after with Fido.
  4. If your three-on-three basketball league is net to nothing, then by all means don’t let the team down.
  5. If work courses through your veins and climbing the proverbial corporate ladder is all you think about, then you’d better watch that last step.
  6. If your hobbies, be it stamp collecting or Fortnite, consume your every waking minute and spare dollar, best of luck to you.




Why work forty plus hours a week and then spend half the weekend doing a personal activity you enjoy? If marriage is about compromise, then Dadlands is about sacrifice. Sacrifice the golf, tennis, basketball league, poker night and mud wrestling. All those events will still be very prevalent after your kids are a little older and involved in activities of their own.


It is time to put your hobbies and sports on hold for your sake. That’s right, your sake! If you are not around much on the weekends or at night that will be your child’s reality. They will not expect it or even know your participation is lacking. But the things you will miss out on cannot be replaced by a hole in one, a forty-point game, an ace, or an inside straight.


So, don’t make this big almighty sacrifice and tell everyone you are doing it for the baby. Trust me, the intangible rewards you receive in Dadlands will far outweigh any other activity you could be participating in at the time. Besides, do you really want to attend your child’s high school graduation and have them introduce you as “Mom’s friend”?

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