So, your wife is having a baby, well congratulations. What a miraculous thing to happen, you must be very proud. It couldn’t happen to a nicer couple. Just one quick thing before we get started: News Flash – YOU’RE HAVING A BABY TOO!


That’s how it works. She physically gives birth to the baby, but after that you become an unequal partner in the most important and uniquely challenging job in the world, parenting. You are entering Dadlands! Please keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times.




This probably raises some issues for you, well sit back and relax because this may be the last opportunity you have to relax until your kid is cloaked in a cap and gown, receiving his sheepskin. First issue, unequal? You must accept the fact that you are an unequal partner with your wife in the parenting realm. Unequal will become clear when you think of it in terms of labor and birth. Suddenly, unequal doesn’t sound so bad does it? I mean who wants to crave pickles with chocolate syrup and gain two shoe sizes not to mention outgrow every article of clothing you own?


You are entering Dadlands! Please keep your hands and feet in the ride at all times.

The physical act of childbirth creates an inextricable bond between mother and child that cannot be broken. Maybe he’s your first team all American or she’s your little princess, but for your wife, mother and child are linked by the invisible umbilical cord that will never be broken.


Second, you need to become a full-time partner in this endeavor. Dadlands is not a part-time job. Sure, if you are like most dads you will go to work for forty plus hours a week. But you are still fifty percent of the parent factor and you need to pull your weight, not put it on. You need to participate at night and on the weekends. No one wants to grow up with a semi-dad. Your boss pays you to be a full-time employee, and your child deserves a full-time dad.


Lastly, I wanted to deal with the gender issue in my blog right up front. For simplicity sake I will always use a male pronoun when pertaining to a child for one simple reason, I have four sons. I do have nieces and some of my friends have girls, but my point of reference is the Y-chromosome child, take it or leave it. But if you determine that is of no interest to you because you have two little girls, all I ask is that you come back to the blog once a week. You wouldn’t believe how much food boys can consume, and I need all the clicks I can get!


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